ip pim send-rp-discovery





ip pim send-rp-discovery [type number] scope ttl

no ip pim send-rp-discovery [type number] scope ttl

Syntax Description:

type number

(Optional) Interface type and number that is used to define the RP mapping agent address.

scope ttl

Time-to-live value in the IP header that keeps the discovery messages within this number of hops.

Command Description:

To configure the router to be an RP-mapping agent, use the ip pim send-rp-discovery global configuration command. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

Configure this command on the router designated as an RP-mapping agent. Specify a TTL large enough to cover your PIM domain.

When Auto-RP is used, the following steps occur:

1. The RP-mapping agent listens on well-known group address CISCO-RP-ANNOUNCE
(, which candidate RPs send to.

2. The RP-mapping agent sends RP-to-group mappings in an Auto-RP RP discovery message to the well-known group CISCO-RP-DISCOVERY ( The TTL value limits how many hops the message can take.

3. PIM designated routers listen to this group and use the RPs they learn about from the discovery message.


The following example limits Auto-RP RP Discovery messages to 20 hops:

Router(config)#ip pim send-rp-discovery scope 20


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