ip irdp




ip irdp [multicast | holdtime seconds | maxadvertinterval seconds | minadvertinterval seconds | preference number | address address [number]]

no ip irdp

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Use the multicast address ( instead of IP broadcasts.

holdtime seconds

(Optional) Length of time in seconds that advertisements are held valid. Default is three times the maxadvertinterval value. Must be greater than maxadvertinterval and cannot be greater than 9000 seconds.

maxadvertinterval seconds

(Optional) Maximum interval in seconds between advertisements. The range is from 1 to 1800. A value of 0 means only advertise when solicited. The default is 600 seconds.

minadvertinterval seconds

(Optional) Minimum interval in seconds between advertisements. The range is from 1 to 1800. The default is 450 seconds.

preference number

(Optional) Preference value. The allowed range is -231 to 231. The default is 0. A higher value increases the preference level of the router. You can modify a particular router so that it will be the preferred router to which other routers will home.

address address [number]

(Optional) IP address (address) to proxy advertise, and optionally, its preference value (number).

Command Description:

To enable ICMP Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP) processing on an interface, use the ip irdp interface configuration command. To disable IRDP routing, use the no formof this command.


The following running-config excerpt sets the various IRDP processes:

! enable irdp on interface Ethernet 0
interface ethernet 0
ip irdp

! send IRDP advertisements to the multicast address
ip irdp multicast

! increase router preference from 100 to 50

ip irdp preference 50

! set maximum time between advertisements to 400 secs
ip irdp maxadvertinterval 400

! set minimum time between advertisements to 100 secs
ip irdp minadvertinterval 100

! advertisements are good for 6000 seconds

ip irdp holdtime

! proxy-advertise with default router preference
ip irdp address

! proxy-advertise with preference of 50
ip irdp address 50



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