ip host




ip host name-of-host [tcp-port-number] ip-address [ip-address2 ... address8]

Syntax Description:
name-of-host Hostname to associate with an ip address
tcp-port-number Specifies a default Tcp-port to associate with the host. The telnet command will use this port as the default for this host.
ip-address Address to associate with a hostname
ip-address2 ... address8 Auxiliary addresses for this host

Command Description:

To define a static host name-to-address mapping in the host cache, use the ip host global configuration command. To remove the name-to-address mapping, use the no form of this command. It is possible to specify up to 8 alternate addresses. The tcp-port-number argument is the TCP port number to connect to when using the defined host name in conjunction with an EXEC connect or Telnet command. The default is Telnet (port 23).

Router(config)#ip host Lab_A


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