ip community-list




ip community-list community-list-number {permit | deny} community-number no ip community-list community-list-number


Syntax Description:

community-list-number Integer from 1 to 99 that identifies one or more permit or deny groups of communities.
permit Permits access for a matching condition.
deny Denies access for a matching condition.
community-number Community number configured by a set community command. Valid value is one of the following:

A number from 1 to 4294967200. You can specify a single number or multiple numbers separated by a space.
internet--The Internet community.
no-export--Routes with this community are sent to peers in other subautonomous systems within a confederation. Do not advertise this route to an eBGP peer. External systems are those outside the confederation. If there is no confederation, an external system is any eBGP peer.
local-as--Do not advertise this route to peers outside the local autonomous system. This route will not be advertised to other autonomous systems or sub-autonomous systems when confederations are configured.
no-advertise--Do not advertise this route to any peer (internal or external).


Command Description:

To create a community list for BGP and control access to it, use the ip community-list command in global configuration mode. To delete the community list, use the no form of this command.

Once you permit a value for the community number, the community list defaults to an implicit deny for everything else that has not been permitted.


In the following example, Cisco IOS software permits all routes except the routes with the communities 5 and 10 or 10 and 15:

Router(config)#ip community-list 1 deny 5 10
Router(config)#ip community-list 1 deny 10 15
Router(config)#ip community-list 1 permit internet

The following example permits all routes within the local autonomous system:

Router(config)#ip community-list 1 permit local-as



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