frame-relay class




frame-relay class name

no frame-relay class name

Syntax Description:

Name of the map class to associate with this interface or subinterface.

Command Description:

To associate a map class with an interface or subinterface, use the frame-relay class interface configuration command. To remove the association between in the interface or subinterface and the named map class, use the no form of this command.

This command can apply to interfaces or subinterfaces.

All relevant parameters defined in the name map class are inherited by each virtual circuit created on the interface or subinterface. For each virtual circuit, the precedence rules are as follows:

  1. Use the map class associated with the virtual circuit if it exists.
  2. If not, use the map class associated with the subinterface if the map class
  3. If not, use map class associated with interface if the map class exists.
  4. If not, use the interface default parameters.



The following example associates the map class slow_vcs with the serial 0.1 subinterface. The map class slow_vcs is defined to have an outbound CIR value of 9600:


 Router(config)#interface serial 0/0.1
 Router(config-if)#frame-relay class slow_vcs
 Router(config)#map-class frame-relay slow_vcs
 Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay cir out 9600  


If a virtual circuit exists on the serial 0/0.1 interface and is associated with some other map class, the parameter values of the second map class override those defined in the slow_vc map class for that virtual circuit.




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