frame-relay be




frame-relay bc {in | out} bits

no frame-relay bc {in | out} bits

Syntax Description:


in | out Incoming or outgoing
bits Excess burst size, in bits.

Command Description:

To set the incoming or outgoing excess burst size (Be) for a Frame Relay virtual circuit, use the frame-relay be map-class configuration command. To reset the excess burst size to the default, use the no form of this command.



In the following running-config excerpt, the serial interface already has a basic configuration, and a map group called bermuda has already been defined. The example shows a map-list configuration that defines the source and destination addresses for bermuda, provides IP and IPX addresses, and ties the map list definition to the map class called jamaica. Then traffic shaping parameters are defined for the map class.

map-list bermuda
 local-addr X121 31383040703500 dest-addr X121 31383040709000
 ip class jamaica ietf
 ipx 123.0000.0c07.d530 class jamaica ietf

map-class frame-relay jamaica
 frame-relay cir in 2000000
 frame-relay mincir in 1000000
 frame-relay cir out 15000
 frame-relay mincir out 10000
 frame-relay bc in 15000
 frame-relay bc out 9600
 frame-relay be in 10000
 frame-relay be out 10000
 frame-relay idle-timer 30


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