frame-relay adaptive-shaping





frame-relay adaptive-shaping {becn  | foresight }

no frame-relay adaptive-shaping


Syntax Description:


Enables rate adjustment in response to BECN.


Enables rate adjustment in response to ForeSight messages.

Command Description:

Use the frame-relay adaptive-shaping map-class subcommand to select the type of backward notification you want to use. Use the no form of the command to disable backward notification.

This command replaces the frame-relay becn-response-enable command, which will be removed in a future Cisco IOS release. If you use the frame-relay becn-response-enable command in scripts, you should replace it with the frame-relay adaptive-shaping command.

The frame-relay adaptive-shaping command configures a router to respond to either BECN or ForeSight backward congestion notification messages.

Include this command in a map-class definition and apply the map class to either the main interface or to a subinterface.


This example shows the map-class definition for a router configured with traffic shaping and Router ForeSight enabled. 

 Router#interface Serial 0/0
 Router(config-if)#no ip address
 Router(config-if)#encapsulation frame-relay
 Router(config-if)#frame-relay traffic-shaping
 Router(config-if)#frame-relay class control-A
 Router(config)#map-class frame-relay control-A
 Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay adaptive-shaping foresight
 Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay cir 56000
 Router(config-map-class)#frame-relay bc 64000



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