dialer wait-for-carrier-time




dialer wait-for-carrier-time seconds

no dialer wait-for-carrier-time

Syntax Description:

Number of seconds that the interface waits for the carrier to come up when a call is placed. Acceptable values are positive, nonzero integers. The default is 30 seconds.

Command Description:

To specify the length of time to wait for a carrier when dialing out to the dial string associated with a specified map class, use the dialer wait-for-carrier-time map-class dialer configuration command. Use the no form of this command to reset the carrier wait time value to the default.

Usage Guidelines

You can define different dialer map classes with different wait-for-carrier times to suit the different types of lines and interfaces. For example, you must define a longer wait time for a map class used by serial interfaces than for one used by ISDN interfaces.


The following example specifies a carrier wait time of 20 seconds for the Eng class on the Dialer2 interface:

Router(config)#interface Dialer2
Router(config-if)#ip address
Router(config-if)#encapsulation ppp
Router(config-if)#dialer remote-name Mediumuser
Router(config-if)#dialer string 5264540 class Eng
Router(config-if)#dialer wait-for-carrier-time 20
Router(config-if)#dialer load-threshold 50 either
Router(config-if)#dialer pool 1
Router(config-if)#dialer-group 2


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