dialer string




dialer string dial-string [class class-name]

no dialer string


Syntax Description:


Telephone number to be sent to a DCE device.

class class-name

(Optional) Dialer map class associated with this telephone number.

Command Description:

To specify the string (telephone number) to be used when placing a call from an interface, use the dialer string interface configuration command. Use the no form of this command to delete the telephone number specified for the interface.

Usage Guidelines

When you use Dialer Profiles for DDR, use the dialer string class form of this command to define a map class for a specific dialer profile.

Dialer Profiles make it unnecessary to use dialer maps to configure DDR.

If a dialer string command is specified without a dialer-group command with access lists defined, dialing is never initiated. If the debug dialer command is enabled, an error message is displayed indicating that dialing never will occur.


The following example specifies that the dial string 4159991234 be used in calls to destinations defined by the map class sf:

Router(config-if)#dialer string 4159991234 class sf


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