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Syntax Description:


Priority of an interface in a dialer rotary group; the highest number indicates the highest priority. This is a number from 0 through 255. The default value is 0, the lowest priority.


Command Description:

To set the priority of an interface in a dialer rotary group, use the dialer priority interface configuration command. Use the no form of the command to revert to the default setting.This command is meaningful only for interfaces that are part of dialer rotary groups.

The value 0 indicates the lowest priority, and 255 indicates the highest priority. The dialer priority command controls which interfaces within a dialer rotary group will be used first. Higher priority interfaces (configured with higher n value) are used first.

The dialer priority command gives you the ability to tell the dialer rotary group which free interface (and, by extension for asynchronous interfaces, which modem) to use first. This command applies to outgoing calls only.

For example, a router or access server might have a selection of many modems, some of which are better performers than others. You might have a 19.2-kbps, two 4800-bps, three 1200-bps, and one 300-bps modem on interfaces in one dialer rotary group. You do not want the router or access server to make the call on the 300 bps modem if any of the faster modems are free. You want to use the highest-performance modems first, and the slowest modems last.


In the following example, asynchronous interface 3 will be used after interfaces with higher priority and before interfaces with lower priority:

Router(config)#interface async 3

Router(config-if)#dialer priority 5


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