default-metric (Enhanced IGRP)




default-metric bandwidth delay reliability loading mtu
no default-metric bandwidth delay reliability loading mtu


Syntax Description:

bandwidth Minimum bandwidth of the route in kbps. It can be 0 or any positive integer.
delay Route delay (in tens of microseconds). It can be 0 or any positive number that is a multiple of 39.1 nanoseconds.
reliability Likelihood of successful packet transmission expressed as a number from 0 to 255. The value 255 means 100 percent reliability; 0 means no reliability.
loading Effective bandwidth of the route expressed as a number from 0 to 255 (255 is 100 percent loading).
mtu Maximum transmission unit (MTU) size of the route in bytes. It can be 0 or any positive integer.


Command Description:

To set metrics for IGRP or Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP), use the default-metric command in router configuration mode. To remove the metric value and restore the default state, use the no form of this command.

A default metric is required to redistribute a protocol into IGRP or EIGRP, unless you use the redistribute command. Automatic metric translations occur between IGRP and EIGRP. You do not need default metrics to redistributed IGRP or EIGRP into itself.

Metric defaults have been carefully set to work for a wide variety of networks. Take great care when changing these values.

Keeping the same metrics is supported only when redistributing from IGRP, EIGRP, or static routes.

By default, only connected routes and interface static routes can be redistributed without a default metric.


The following example takes redistributed Routing Information Protocol (RIP) metrics and translates them into IGRP metrics with values as follows: bandwidth = 1000, delay = 100, reliability = 250, loading = 100, and MTU = 1500.

Router(config)# router igrp 109
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# redistribute rip
Router(config-router)# default-metric 1000 100 250 100 1500


The default metric command does not affect EIGRP-to-EIGRP or IGRP-to-EIGRP distribution. To configure EIGRP-to-EIGRP or IGRP-to-EIGRP distribution, use route maps.

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