clear vtp pruning


Switch> (enable)


clear vtp pruning vlan_num

Syntax Description:


Variable that specifies the number of VLANs to be made ineligible for pruning. Valid values are from 1 to 1005.


Command Description:


Use the clear vtp pruning command to specify the VLANs in the VTP domain that are ineligible for pruning.

VTP pruning prevents traffic in each pruning-eligible VLAN from being transmitted on a VLAN trunk if no stations belonging to that VLAN are located across that trunk. Use the set vtp command to enable VTP pruning.

Use the set vtp pruning command to make the VLANs eligible for pruning again.



This example shows how to make VLANs 200 to 500 ineligible for pruning:

Console> (enable) clear vtp pruning 200-500
Vlans 1,200-500,1001-1005 will not be pruned on this device.
VTP domain Company modified.
Console> (enable)




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