clear vlan


Switch> (enable)


clear vlan vlan

Syntax Description:


Variable that specifies the number of the VLAN, valid values are from 2 to 1000.


Command Description:

Use the clear vlan command to delete an existing VLAN from a management domain.

Follow these guidelines for deleting VLANs:





This example shows how to clear an existing VLAN (VLAN 4) from a management domain:

Console> (enable) clear vlan 4
This command will deactivate all ports on vlan 4 in the entire management domain:
Do you want to continue(y/n) [n]? y
VLAN 4 deleted
Console> (enable) 


When you clear a VLAN on a switch configured as a VTP server, the VLAN is deleted from the entire VTP domain. Every switch in that VTP domain will delete the VLAN.

When you clear a VLAN, all ports assigned to that VLAN become inactive.  However, the VLAN port assignments are retained until you move the ports to another VLAN. If the cleared VLAN is reactivated, all ports still configured on that VLAN are also reactivated.

When you clear a private VLAN (primary, isolated, or community), the ports are set to inactive and are not assigned to any VLAN. The private VLAN mappings for the selected VLAN are also cleared. ACL to VLAN mappings are also deleted.

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