clear mac address-table




clear mac address-table {dynamic [address mac-addr | interface interface-id | vlan vlan-id] | notification}


Syntax Description:


Delete all dynamic MAC addresses.

dynamic address mac-addr

(Optional) Delete the specified dynamic MAC address.

dynamic interface interface-id

(Optional) Delete all dynamic MAC addresses on the specified physical port or port channel.

dynamic vlan vlan-id

(Optional) Delete all dynamic MAC addresses for the specified VLAN. Valid IDs are from 1 to 4096 when the enhanced software image (EI) is installed and 1 to 1005 when the standard software image (SI) is installed.


Clear the notifications in the history table and reset the counters.

Command Description:


Use the clear mac address-table privileged EXEC command to delete from the MAC address table a specific dynamic address, all dynamic addresses on a particular interface, or all dynamic addresses on a particular VLAN. This command also clears the MAC address notification global counters.


Note:   Beginning with Release 12.1(11)EA1, the clear mac address-table command replaces the clear mac-address-table command (with the hyphen). The clear mac-address-table command (with the hyphen) will become obsolete in a future release.


This example shows how to remove a specific dynamic address from the MAC address table:

Switch# clear mac address-table dynamic address 0008.0070.0007

You can verify that the information was deleted by entering the show mac address-table privileged EXEC command.



Related Commands:

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show mac-address-table
show mac-address-table notification
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