clear ipx route





clear ipx route {network [network-mask] | default | *}

Syntax Description:



Number of the network whose routing table entry you want to delete. This is an eight-digit hexadecimal number that uniquely identifies a network cable segment. It can be a number in the range 1 to FFFFFFFD. You do not need to specify leading zeros in the network number. For example, for the network number 000000AA, you can enter AA.


(Optional) Specifies the portion of the network address that is common to all addresses in an NLSP route summary. When used with the network argument, it specifies the NLSP route summary to clear.

The high-order bits of network-mask must be contiguous Fs, while the low-order bits must be contiguous zeros (0). An arbitrary mix of Fs and 0s is not permitted.


Deletes the default route from the routing table.


Deletes all routes in the routing table.


Command Description:

To delete routes from the IPX routing table, use the clear ipx route EXEC command. After you use the clear ipx route command, RIP/SAP general requests are issued on all IPX interfaces. For routers configured for NLSP route aggregation, use this command to clear an aggregated route from the routing table.


The following example clears the entry for network 3 from the IPX routing table:

Router#clear ipx route 3


The following example clears a route summary entry from the IPX routing table:

Router#clear ipx route ccc00000 fff00000




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