clear ip bgp flap-statistics




clear ip bgp flap-statistics [{regexp regexp} | {filter-list list-name} | {ip-address network-mask}]

clear ip bgp [ip-address] flap-statistics


Syntax Description:

ip-address (Optional) Clears flap statistics for a single entry at this IP address. If this argument is placed before flap-statistics, the router clears flap statistics for all paths from the neighbor at this address.
regexp regexp (Optional) Clears flap statistics for all the paths that match the regular expression.
filter-list list-name (Optional) Clears flap statistics for all the paths that pass the access list.
network-mask (Optional) Network mask applied to the address argument.


Command Description:

To clear BGP flap statistics, use the clear ip bgp flap-statistics command in Privileged EXEC mode.

If no arguments or keywords are specified, the router will clear BGP flap statistics for all routes.

The flap statistics for a route are also cleared when a BGP peer is reset. Although the reset withdraws the route, no penalty is applied in this instance even though route flap dampening is enabled.


The following example clears all of the flap statistics for paths that pass filter list 3:

Router#clear ip bgp flap-statistics filter-list 3



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