class-map [match-all | match-any] class-map-name
no class-map [match-all | match-any] class-map-name

Syntax Description:

match-all | match-any Determines how packets are evaluated when multiple match criteria exist. Packets must either meet all of the match criteria (match-all) or one of the match criteria (match-any) in order to be considered a member of the class.

class-map-name Name of the class for the class map. The name can be a maximum of 40 alphanumeric characters. The class name is used for both the class map and to configure policy for the class in the policy map.

Command Description:

To create a class map to be used for matching packets to a specified class, use the class-map global configuration command. To remove an existing class map from the router, use the no form of this command.


The following example specifies class101 as the name of a class, and it defines a class map for this class. The class called class101 specifies policy for traffic that matches access control list 101:

Router(config)#class-map class101
Router(config-cmap)#match access-group 101



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