bgp rr-group




bgp rr-group extcom-list-number
no bgp rr-group


Syntax Description:

extcom-list-number Number of a specific extended community-list that will be supported by the route-reflector group. The range of extended community-list numbers that can be specified is from 1 to 199. However, only one extended community-list is specified with the extcom-list-number argument.


Command Description:

To create a route-reflector group and enable automatic inbound filtering for VPN version 4 (VPNv4) updates based on the allowed route target (RT) extended communities, use the bgp rr-group command in address family configuration mode. To disable a route-reflector group or route reflector, use the no form of this command.

The bgp rr-group command can be used with the ip extcommunity-list command. The ip extcommunity-list command is used to create an extended community-list and specify a list of extended community RTs. Only extended community-lists are supported.

Use this command to configure a fixed router ID as an identifier of the router running BGP. A loopback interface, if one is configured, is more effective than a fixed interface as an identifier because there is no physical link to go down.


The following example configures a route-reflector group that will accept extended community-list number 500:

Router(config)# router bgp 101
Router(config-router)# address-family vpnv4
Router(config-router-af)# bgp rr-group 500



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