bgp router-id




bgp router-id ip-address
no bgp router-id ip-address


Syntax Description:

ip-address IP address of the router.


Command Description:

To configure a fixed router ID for a BGP-speaking router, use the bgp router-id command in router configuration mode. To remove the bgp router-id command from the configuration file and restore the default value of the router ID, use the no form of this command.

By default, the router ID is set to the IP address of a loopback interface if one is configured. If no virtual interfaces are configured, the highest IP address is configured for a physical interface on that router. Peering sessions will be reset if the router ID is changed.

Use this command to configure a fixed router ID as an identifier of the router running BGP. A loopback interface, if one is configured, is more effective than a fixed interface as an identifier because there is no physical link to go down.


The following example shows the local router configured with the router ID of

Router(config)# router bgp 100
Router(config-router)# no synchronization
Router(config-router)# bgp router-id



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