bgp redistribute-internal




bgp redistribute-internal
no bgp redistribute-internal


Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.


Command Description:

To allow the redistribution of iBGP routes into an interior gateway protocol such as IS-IS or OSPF, use the bgp redistribute-internal command in router configuration mode. To remove the bgp redistribute-internal command from the configuration file and restore the system to its default condition where the software does not allow the redistribution of iBGP routes into Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs), use the no form of this command.

By default iBGP routes are not redistributed into IGPs.

Use of the bgp redistribute-internal command requires the clear ip bgp command to be issued to reset BGP connections.

Caution:Redistributing iBGP routes into IGPs may cause routing loops to form within an autonomous system. Use this command with caution.


The following example shows iBGP routes being redistributed into OSPF:

Router(config)# router ospf 300
Router(config-router)# redistribute bgp 200

Router(config)# router bgp 200
Router(config-router)# bgp redistribute-internal

Router#clear ip bgp *



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