bgp client-to-client reflection




bgp client-to-client reflection
no bgp client-to-client reflection


Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.


Command Description:

To restore route reflection from a BGP route reflector to clients, use the bgp client-to-client reflection command in address family or router configuration mode. To disable client-to-client reflection, use the no form of this command.

By default, when a route reflector is configured, the route reflector reflects routes from a client to other clients.

By default, the clients of a route reflector are not required to be fully meshed and the routes from a client are reflected to other clients. However, if the clients are fully meshed, route reflection is not required. Use the no bgp client-to-client reflection command to disable client-to-client reflection.


In the following router configuration mode example, the local router is a route reflector. The three neighbors are fully meshed, so client-to-client reflection is disabled:

Router(config)#router bgp 5
Router(config-router)#neighbor route-reflector-client
Router(config-router)#neighbor route-reflector-client
Router(config-router)#neighbor route-reflector-client
Router(config-router)#no bgp client-to-client reflection



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