aaa authentication username-prompt




aaa authentication username-prompt text-string

no aaa authentication username-prompt text-string  

Syntax Description:


String of text that will be displayed when the user is prompted to enter a username. If this text-string contains spaces or unusual characters, it must be enclosed in double-quotes (for example, "Enter your name:").


Command Description:

To change the text displayed when users are prompted to enter a username, use the aaa authentication username-prompt global configuration command. Use the no form of this command to return to the default username prompt text.

Usage Guidelines

Use the aaa authentication username-prompt command to change the default text that the Cisco IOS software displays when prompting a user to enter a username. The no form of this command returns the username prompt to the default value:


Some protocols (for example, TACACS+) have the ability to override the use of local username prompt information. Using the aaa authentication username-prompt command will not change the username prompt text in these instances.

The aaa authentication username-prompt command does not change any dialog that is supplied by a remote TACACS+ server.


The following example changes the text for the username prompt:


Router(config)#aaa authentication username-prompt "Enter your name here:"




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