terminal history size




terminal history size number-of-lines

no terminal history size

Syntax Description:


Number of command lines that the system will record in its history buffer. The range is from 0 to 256. The default is 10.


10 lines of command history


Command Description:


To change the size of the command history buffer for the current terminal session, use the terminal history sizeEXEC mode command. To reset the command history buffer to its default size of 10 lines, use the noform of this command.  


The history feature provides a record of commands you have entered. This feature is particularly useful for recalling long or complex commands or entries for the purposes of modifying them slightly and reissuing them.


The terminal history sizecommand enables the command history feature and sets the command history buffer size. The terminal no history sizecommand resets the buffer size to the default of 10 command lines.


In the following example, the number of command lines recorded is set to 15 for the current terminal session. The user then checks to see what line he/she is connected to using the show userscommand. The user uses this line information to issue the show line command. (In this example, the user uses the show beginoption in the show linecommand to start the output at the "Editing is enabled/disabled" line).


Router# terminal history size 15

Router# show users

Line User Host(s) Idle Location

* 50 vty 0 admin idle 00:00:00

! the * symbol indicates the active terminal session for the user (line 50)

Router# show line 50 | begin Editing

Editing is enabled.

! the following line shows the history settings for the line

History is enabled, history size is 15.

DNS resolution in show commands is enabled

Full user help is disabled

Allowed transports are telnet. Preferred is none.

No output characters are padded

 No special data dispatching characters



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