standby track




standby [group-number]track type number [interface-priority]

no standby [group-number] track type number [interface-priority]


Syntax Description:


(Optional) Group number on the interface to which the tracking applies.


Interface type (combined with interface number) that will be tracked.


Interface number (combined with interface type) that will be tracked.


(Optional) Amount by which the Hot Standby priority for the router is decremented (or incremented) when the interface goes down (or comes back up). The default value is 10.


Command Description:

To configure an interface so that the Hot Standby priority changes based on the availability of other interfaces, use the standby track interface configuration command. To remove the tracking, use the no form of this command.

This command ties the router's Hot Standby priority to the availability of its interfaces. It is useful for tracking interfaces that are not configured for the Hot Standby Router Protocol.

When a tracked interface goes down, the Hot Standby priority decreases by 10. If an interface is not tracked, its state changes do not affect the Hot Standby priority. For each interface configured for Hot Standby, you can configure a separate list of interfaces to be tracked.

The optional argument interface-priority specifies how much to decrement the Hot Standby priority when a tracked interface goes down. When the tracked interface comes back up, the priority is incremented by the same amount.

When multiple tracked interfaces are down and interface-priority values have been configured, these configured priority decrements are cumulative. If tracked interfaces are down, but none of them were configured with priority decrements, the default decrement is 10 and it is noncumulative.

When group number 0 is used, no group number is written to NVRAM, providing backward compatibility.


In the following example, Ethernet interface 1 tracks Ethernet interface 0 and serial interface 0. If one or both of these two interfaces go down, the Hot Standby priority of the router decreases by 10. Because the default Hot Standby priority is 100, the priority becomes 90 when one or both of the tracked interfaces go down.

Router(config)#interface ethernet 1
 Router(config-if)#ip address
 Router(config-if)#no ip redirects
 Router(config-if)#standby track ethernet 0
 Router(config-if)#standby track serial 0
 Router(config-if)#standby preempt
 Router(config-if)#standby ip


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