snapshot client




snapshot client active-time quiet-time [suppress-statechange-updates] [dialer]

no snapshot client active-time quiet-time [suppress-statechange-updates] [dialer]


Syntax Description:

active-time Amount of time, in minutes, that routing updates are regularly exchanged between the client and server routers. This can be an integer in the range 5 to 100. There is no default value. A typical value is 5 minutes.
quiet-time Amount of time, in minutes, that routing entries are frozen and remain unchanged between active periods. Routes are not aged during the quiet period, so they remain in the routing table as if they were static entries. This argument can be an integer from 8 to 100000. There is no default value. The minimum quiet time is generally the active time plus 3.
suppress-statechange-updates (Optional) Disables the exchange of routing updates each time the line protocol goes from "down" to "up" or from "dialer spoofing" to "fully up."
dialer (Optional) Used if the client router has to dial up the remote router in the absence of regular traffic.


Command Description:

To configure a client router for snapshot routing, use the snapshot client interface configuration command. To disable a client router, use the no form of this command.


The following example configures a client router for snapshot routing:

Router(config)#interface dialer 1
Router(config-if)#snapshot client 5 600 suppress-statechange-updates dialer



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