show tacacs




show tacacs

Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.

Command Description:

To display statistics for a TACACS+ server, use the show tacacscommand in EXEC configuration mode.



Router#  show tacacs

Tacacs+ Server :

Socket opens: 3

Socket closes: 3

Socket aborts: 0

Socket errors: 0

Socket Timeouts: 0

Failed Connect Attempts: 0

Total Packets Sent: 7

Total Packets Recv: 7

Expected Replies: 0

No current connection




Tacacs+ Server

IP address of the TACACS+ server.

Socket opens

Number of successful TCP socket connections to the TACACS+ server.

Socket closes

Number of successfully closed TCP socket attempts.

Socket aborts

Number of premature TCP socket closures to the TACACS+ server; that is, the peer did not wait for a reply from the server after a the peer sent its request.

Socket errors

Any other socket read or write errors, such as incorrect packet format and length.

Failed Connect Attempts

Number of failed TCP socket connections to the TACACS+ server.

Total Packets Sent

Number of packets sent to the TACACS+ server.

Total Packets Recv

Number of packets received from the TACACS+ server.

Expected replies

Number of outstanding replies from the TACACS+ server.



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