show ipx eigrp neighbors




show ipx eigrp neighbors [servers] [autonomous-system-number | interface] [regexp name]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Displays the server list advertised by each neighbor. This is displayed only if the ipx sap incremental command is enabled on the interface on which the neighbor resides.


(Optional) Autonomous system number, an integer in the range 1 to 65535


(Optional) Interface type and number

regexp name

(Optional) Displays the IPX servers whose names match the regular expression


Command Description:

To display the neighbors discovered by EIGRP, use the show ipx eigrp neighbors EXEC command.


The following is a sample of output from the show ipx eigrp neighbors command:

Router# show ipx eigrp neighbors

IPX EIGRP Neighbors for process 1

H   Address                 Interface   Hold    Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq

                                        (sec)            (ms)       Cnt Num

0   200.0000.0c34.d83b        Et0/2      11     00:00:18   2    200  0  10

2 total IPX servers for this peer

Type      Name                    Address             Port  Hops

4         server                  2037.0000.0000.0001:0001  2

4         server2                 2037.0000.0000.0001:0001  2

1   200.0000.0c34.d83c        Et0/2      11     00:00:18   2    200  0  10

1 total IPX servers for this peer

Type      Name                    Address             Port  Hops

4         server                  2037.0000.0000.0001:0001  2


The following table describes the fields shown in the display:

Table: show ipx eigrp neighbors Field Descriptions

Field Description

process 200

Autonomous system number specified in the ipx router configuration command


Handle, an arbitrary and unique number inside this router that identifies the neighbor


IPX address of the EIGRP peer


Interface on which the router is receiving hello packets from the peer


Length of time, in seconds, that the Cisco IOS software will wait to hear from the peer before declaring it down (If the peer is using the default hold time, this number will be less than 15. If the peer configures a nondefault hold time, it will be reflected here).


Elapsed time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) since the local router first heard from this neighbor

Q Cnt

Number of IPX EIGRP packets (Update, Query, and Reply) that the Cisco IOS software is waiting to send


Smooth round-trip time, this is the number of milliseconds it takes for an IPX EIGRP packet to be sent to this neighbor and for the local router to receive an acknowledgment of that packet


Retransmission timeout (in milliseconds), this is the amount of time the Cisco IOS software waits before retransmitting a packet from the retransmission queue to a neighbor

Seq Num

Sequence number of the last Update, Query, or Reply packet that was received from this neighbor


Contains codes from the Codes field to indicates how service was learned


Name of server


Network address of server


Source socket number





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