show ipx eigrp interfaces




show ipx eigrp interfaces [type number] [as-number]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Interface type.


(Optional) Interface number.


(Optional) Autonomous system number.

Command Description:

To display information about interfaces configured for EIGRP, use the show ipx eigrp interfaces EXEC command.

Use the show ipx eigrp interfaces command to determine on which interfaces EIGRP is active and to find out information about EIGRP relating to those interfaces.

If an interface is specified, only that interface is displayed. Otherwise, all interfaces on which EIGRP is running are displayed.

If an autonomous system is specified, only the routing process for the specified autonomous system is displayed. Otherwise, all EIGRP processes are displayed.



The following is a sample of output from the show ipx eigrp interfaces command: 

Router>show ipx eigrp interfaces
IPX EIGRP interfaces for process 109
                    Xmit Queue    Mean   Pacing Time   Multicast   Pending
Interface   Peers   Un/Reliable   SRTT   Un/Reliable   Flow Timer  Routes
Di0           0         0/0          0      11/434          0          0
Et0           1         0/0        337       0/10           0          0
SE0:1.16      1         0/0         10       1/63         103          0
Tu0           1         0/0        330       0/16           0          0

The table below describes the fields shown in the display.

Table: show ipx eigrp interfaces Field Descriptions

Field Description

process 109

Autonomous system number of the process.


Interface name.


Number of neighbors on the interface.

Xmit Queue

Count of unreliable and reliable packets queued for transmission.


Average round-trip time for all neighbors on the interface.

Pacing Time

Number of milliseconds to wait after transmitting unreliable and reliable packets.

Multicast Flow Timer

Number of milliseconds to wait for acknowledgment of a multicast packet by all neighbors before transmitting the next multicast packet.

Pending Routes

Number of routes still to be transmitted on this interface.





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