show ip prefix-list




show ip prefix-list [detail | summary] prefix-list-name [network/length] [seq sequence-number] [longer] [first-match]

Syntax Description:
detail | summary (Optional) Displays detailed or summarized information about all prefix lists.
seq (Optional) Applies the sequence number to the prefix list entry.
sequence-number (Optional) The sequence number of the prefix list entry
prefix-list-name (Optional) The name of a specific prefix list
network/length  (Optional) The network number and length (in bits) of the network mask
longer Displays all entries of a prefix list that are more specific than the given network/length.
first-match Displays the entry of a prefix list that matches the given network/length.

Command Description:

To display information about a prefix list or prefix list entries, use the show ip prefix-list command in user and privileged EXEC mode.

The following example shows the output of the show ip prefix-list command with details about the prefix list named test in privileged EXEC mode:
Router#show ip prefix-list detail test
ip prefix-list test:
Description: test-list
cont: 1, range entries: 0, sequences: 10 - 10, refcount: 3
seq 10 permit (hit count: 0, refcount: 1)


When troubleshooting a prefix list, a technician may want to reset the hit count. The number of hits related to a prefix list can be cleared using the clear ip prefix-list command.

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