show ip pim interface




show ip pim interface [type number] [count]

Syntax Description:


(Optional) Interface type


(Optional) Interface number


(Optional) Number of packets received and sent out the interface


Command Description:

To display information about interfaces configured for Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) , use the show ip pim interface EXEC command.

This command works only on interfaces that are configured for PIM.


The following is a sample of output from the show ip pim interface command:

Router#show ip pim interface

Address          Interface          Mode    Neighbor  Query     DR
                                            Count     Interval      FastEthernet0/0    Dense   2         30    FastEthernet0/1    Dense   2         30        Tunnel0            Dense   1         30

The following is a sample of output from the show ip pim interface command with a count:

Router#show ip pim interface count

Address          Interface          FS  Mpackets In/Out    FastEthernet0/0    *   548305239/13744856    Serial0/0.33       *   8256/67052912     Serial0/0.1719     *   219444/862191

The table describes the fields shown in the display.

Table: show ip pim interface Field Descriptions

Field Description


IP address of the next-hop router.


Interface type and number that is configured to run PIM.


Multicast mode in which the Cisco IOS software is operating. This can be dense mode or sparse mode. DVMRP indicates a DVMRP tunnel is configured.

Neighbor Count

Number of PIM neighbors that have been discovered through this interface. If the Neighbor Count is 1 for a DVMRP tunnel, the neighbor is active (receiving probes and reports).

Query Interval

Frequency, in seconds, of PIM router-query messages, as set by the ip pim query-interval interface configuration command. The default is 30 seconds.


IP address of the designated router on the LAN. Note that serial lines do not have designated routers, so the IP address is shown as


An asterisk (*) in this column indicates fast switching is enabled.

Mpackets In/Out

Number of packets into and out of the interface since the box has been up.



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