show ip bgp peer-group




show ip bgp peer-group [peer-group-name] [summary]


Syntax Description:

peer-group-name (Optional) Displays information about that specific peer group.
summary (Optional) Displays a summary of the status of all the members of a peer group.


Command Description:

To display information about BGP peer groups, use the show ip bgp peer-group command in EXEC mode.


The following is sample output from show ip bgp peer-group command for a peer group named internal in privileged EXEC mode:

Router#show ip bgp peer-group internal
BGP peer-group is internal, remote AS 100
BGP version 4
Minimum time between advertisement runs is 5 seconds
For address family:IPv4 Unicast
BGP neighbor is internal, peer-group internal, members:
Index 3, Offset 0, Mask 0x8
Incoming update AS path filter list is 53
Outgoing update AS path filter list is 54
Route map for incoming advertisements is MAP193
Route map for outgoing advertisements is MAP194
Update messages formatted 0, replicated 0



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