isis retransmit-throttle-interval




isis retransmit-throttle-interval milliseconds
no isis retransmit-throttle-interval


Syntax Description:

milliseconds Minimum delay (in milliseconds) between LSP retransmissions on the interface.


Command Description:

To configure the amount of time between retransmissions on each IS-IS link-state packet (LSP) on a point-to-point interface, use the isis retransmit-throttle-interval command in interface configuration mode. To restore the default value, use the no form of this command.

The delay is determined by the isis lsp-interval command.

This command may be useful in very large networks with many LSPs and many interfaces as a way of controlling LSP retransmission traffic. This command controls the rate at which LSPs can be re-sent on the interface.

The isis retransmit-throttle-interval command is distinct from the rate at which LSPs are sent on the interface (controlled by the isis lsp-interval command) and the period between retransmissions of a single LSP (controlled by the isis retransmit-interval command). These commands may all be used in combination to control the offered load of routing traffic from one router to its neighbors.


The following example configures serial interface 0 to limit the rate of LSP retransmissions to one every 300 milliseconds:

Router(config)#interface serial 0
Router(config-if)# isis retransmit-throttle-interval 300



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