ipx ping-default




ipx ping-default {cisco | novell | diagnostic}

no ipx ping-default {cisco | novell | diagnostic}

Syntax Description:


Transmits Cisco pings.


Transmits standard Novell pings.


Transmits diagnostic request/response for IPX pings.

Command Description:

To select the ping type that the Cisco IOS software transmits, use the ipx ping-default global configuration command. To return to the default ping type, use the no form of this command.

This command can transmit Cisco pings, standard Novell pings as defined in the NLSP specification, and IPX diagnostic pings. The IPX diagnostic ping feature addresses diagnostic related issues by accepting and processing unicast or broadcast diagnostic packets. It makes enhancements to the current IPX ping command to ping other stations using the diagnostic packets and display the configuration information in the response packet.


The following is sample output of IPX ping-default when diagnostic is enabled:

Router# ipx ping-default diagnostic

Router(config)#ipx ping-default diagnostic
Protocol [ip]: ipx
Target IPX address: 20.0000.0000.0001
Verbose [n]: y
Timeout in seconds [2]: 1
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 1, 31-byte IPX Diagnostic Echoes to 20.0000.0000.0001, timeout is 1 seconds:

Diagnostic Response from 20.0000.0000.0001 in 4 ms
Major Version: 1
Minor Version: 0
SPX Diagnostic Socket: 4002
Number of components: 3
Component ID: 0 (IPX / SPX)
Component ID: 1 (Router Driver)
Component ID: 5 (Router)
Number of Local Networks: 2
 Local Network Type: 0 (LAN Board)
  Network Address1 20
  Node Address1 0000.0000.0001
 Local Network Type: 0 (LAN Board)
  Network Address2 30
  Node Address2 0060.70cc.bc65

Note   Verbose mode must be enabled to get diagnostic information.


Note   When a ping is sent from one station to another, the response is expected to come back immediately; when ipx
ping-default is set to diagnostics, the response could consist of more than one packet and each node is expected to respond within 0.5 seconds of receipt of the request. Due to the absence of an end-of-message flag, there is a delay and the requester must wait for all responses to arrive. Therefore, in verbose mode there may be a brief delay of 0.5 seconds before the response data is displayed.

The ipx ping-default command using the diagnostic keyword can be used to conduct a reachability test and should not be used to measure accurate roundtrip delay.

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