ip route-cache





ip route-cache [cbus]

no ip route-cache [cbus]

ip route-cache same-interface

no ip route-cache same-interface

ip route-cache [flow]

no ip route-cache [flow]

ip route-cache distributed

no ip route-cache distributed

Syntax Description:



(Optional) Enables both autonomous switching and fast switching. This command is supported only on the AGS+ (with a switch processor card) and the Cisco 7000.


Enables fast-switching packets back out the interface on which they arrived.


(Optional) Enables the RSP to perform flow switching on the interface.


Enables VIP distributed switching on the interface. This feature can be enabled on Cisco 7500 series routers with an RSP and Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) controllers. If both ip route-cache flow and ip route-cache distributed are configured, the VIP does distributed flow switching. If only ip route-cache distributed is configured, the VIP does distributed switching.

Command Description:


Use the ip route-cache interface configuration command to control the use of high-speed switching caches for IP routing. To disable any of these switching modes, use the no form of this command. Using the route cache is often called fast switching. The route cache allows outgoing packets to be load-balanced on a per-destination basis. The ip route-cache command with no additional keywords enables fast switching. Cisco routers generally offer better packet transfer performance when fast switching is enabled, with one exception. On networks using slow serial links (64K and below), disabling fast switching to enable the per-packet load sharing is usually the best choice. Not all switching methods are available on all platforms.



Router(config-if)#ip route-cache




Related Commands:


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