ip pim send-rp-announce





ip pim send-rp-announce type number scope ttl group-list access-list-number

no ip pim send-rp-announce

Syntax Description:


type number

Interface type and number that identify the RP address.

scope ttl

Time-to-live value that limits the announcements.

group-list access-list-number

Access list that describes the group ranges for which this router is the RP.

Command Description:

To use Auto-RP to configure which groups the router is willing to act as RP for, use the ip pim send-rp-announce global configuration command. To change this router from being the RP, use the no form of this command.

Use this command in the router you want to be an RP. This command causes the router to send an Auto-RP announcement message to the well-known group CISCO-RP-ANNOUNCE ( This message announces the router as a candidate RP for the groups in the range described by the access list. 


The following example sends RP announcements out all PIM-enabled interfaces for a maximum of 31 hops. The IP address the router wants to be identified by as RP is the IP address associated with FastEthernet interface 0/0. Access-list 5 describes for which groups this router serves as RP.

Router(config)#ip pim send-rp-announce FastEthernet 0/0 scope 31 group-list 5

Router(config)#access-list 5 permit




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ip pim send-rp-discovery


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