dialer load-threshold




dialer load-threshold load [outbound | inbound | either]

no dialer load-threshold


Syntax Description:


Interface load used to determine whether to initiate another call or to drop a link to the destination. This argument represents a utilization percentage; it is a number between 1 and 255, where 255 is 100%.


(Optional) Calculates the actual load using outbound data only


(Optional) Calculates the actual load using inbound data only


(Optional) Sets the maximum calculated load as the larger of the outbound and inbound loads


Command Description:

To configure bandwidth on demand by setting the maximum load before the dialer places another call to a destination, use the dialer load-threshold interface command. To disable the setting, use the no form of this command.

This command first appeared in Cisco IOS Release 10.0. The list command and access-list-number and access-group arguments first appeared in Cisco IOS Release 10.3.

This command applies to dialer rotary groups only.

When the cumulative load of all UP links(a number n) exceeds the load threshold the dialer adds an extra link and when the cumulative load of all UP links minus one (n - 1) is at or below load threshold then the dialer can bring down that one link. The dialer will make additional calls or drop links as necessary but will never interrupt an existing call to another destination.

The argument load is the calculated weighted average load value for the interface; 1 is unloaded and 255 is fully loaded. The load is calculated by the system dynamically, based on bandwidth. You must set the bandwidth for an interface in kilobits per second, using the bandwidth command.

The load calculation determines how much of the total bandwidth you are using. A load value of 255 means that you are using one hundred percent of the bandwidth. The load number is required.

When multilink PPP is configured, the dialer-load threshold 1 command no longer keeps a multilink bundle of n links connected indefinitely and the dialer-load threshold 2 command no longer keeps a multilink bundle of 2 links connected indefinitely. If you want a multilink bundle to be connected indefinitely, you must set a very high idle timer.


In the following example, if the load to a particular destination on an interface in dialer rotary group 5 exceeds interface load 200, the dialer will initiate another call to the destination:

Router(config)#interface dialer 5
Router(config-if)#dialer load-threshold 200



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