dialer idle-timeout




dialer idle-timeout seconds [inbound | either]

no dialer idle-timeout


Syntax Description:

seconds Idle time, in seconds, that must occur on the interface before the line is disconnected. Acceptable values are positive, nonzero integers.
inbound (Optional) Only inbound traffic will reset the idle timeout.
either (Optional) Both inbound and outbound traffic will reset the idle timeout.


Command Description:

The dialer idle-timeout interface configuration command specifies the amount of idle time (in seconds) before the line is disconnected. Use the no dialer idle-timeout command to reset the idle timeout to the default value of 120 seconds.


The following example specifies of an idle timeout of 3 minutes (180 seconds) on asynchronous interface 1. Because the inbound keyword is included, only inbound traffic that matches the dialer group will reset the idle timer.

Router(config)#interface async 1
Router(config-if)#dialer idle-timeout 180 inbound  


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