dialer fast-idle


Router (config-if)#


dialer fast-idle number-of-seconds

no dialer fast-idle


Syntax Description:


Idle time, in seconds, that must occur on an interface before the line is disconnected. Acceptable values are positive, nonzero integers.


Command Description:

If there is contention for a line, the dialer fast-idle interface configuration command is used to specify the amount of time that the line will stay idle before it is disconnected. The dialer fast idle timer is activated if a line is busy, a packet for a different next hop address is received, and the busy line is required to send the competing packet. If the line becomes idle for the configured length of time, the current call is disconnected immediately and the new call is placed. Use the no dialer fast-idle command to reset the timeout period to the default.


The following example specifies a fast idle timeout of 35 seconds on interface async 1:

Router(config)#interface async 1
Router(config-if)#dialer fast-idle 35


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