debug isis spf statistics




debug isis spf statistics

no debug isis spf statistics


Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.


Command Description:

To display statistical information about building routes between intermediate systems (ISs), use the debug isis spf statistics privileged EXEC command. The no form of this command disables debugging output.

The Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) Interdomain Routing Protocol (IDRP) provides routing between ISs by flooding the network with link-state information. IS-IS provides routing at two levels, intra-area (Level 1) and intra-domain (Level 2). Level 1 routing allows Level 1 ISs to communicate with other Level 1 ISs in the same area. Level 2 routing allows Level 2 ISs to build an interdomain backbone between Level 1 areas by traversing only Level 2 ISs. Level 1 ISs only need to know the path to the nearest Level 2 IS in order to take advantage of the interdomain backbone created by the Level 2 ISs.

The IS-IS protocol uses the SPF routing algorithm to build Level 1 and Level 2 routes. The debug isis spf statistics command provides information for determining the time required to place a Level 1 IS or Level 2 IS on the shortest path tree (SPT) using the IS-IS protocol.


The following is sample output from the debug isis spf statistics command:

Router# debug isis spf statistics
ISIS-Stats: Compute L1 SPT, Timestamp 2780.328 seconds
ISIS-Stats: Complete L1 SPT, Compute time 0.004, 1 nodes on SPT
ISIS-Stats: Compute L2 SPT, Timestamp 2780.3336 seconds
ISIS-Stats: Complete L2 SPT, Compute time 0.056, 12 nodes on SPT


The SPF algorithm is also called the Dijkstra algorithm, after the creator of the algorithm.

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