debug isdn




debug isdn [events | q921 | q931]

no debug isdn [events | q921 | q931]


Syntax Description:

events Displays Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) events occurring on the user side (on the router) of the ISDN interface. The ISDN events that can be displayed are Q.931 events (call setup and teardown of ISDN network connections). Although the debug isdn event and the debug isdn q931 commands provide similar debug information, the information is displayed in a different format. If you want to see the information in both formats, enable both commands at the same time. The displays will be intermingled.
q921 Displays data link layer (Layer 2) access procedures occurring at the router on the D channel (LAPD) of its Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) interface. 
q931 q931: Displays information about the call setup and teardown of ISDN network connections (Layer 3) between the local router (user side) and the network. The ISDN network layer interface provided by the router conforms to the user interface specification defined by ITU-T recommendation Q.931, supplemented by other specifications such as for switch type VN4. The router tracks only activities that occur on the user side, not the network side of the network connection. The command output of the debug isdn q931 command is limited to commands and responses exchanged during peer-to-peer communication carried over the D channel. 

Command Description:

Use the debug isdn priviledged EXEC command to display information on ISDN link activity. The no form of the command disables debugging output.


Router#debug isdn events
ISDN Event: Call to 415555121202
 Channel ID i = 0x0101
 Channel ID i = 0x89
 Channel ID i = 0x0101
ISDN Event: Connected to 415555121202 on B1 at 64 Kb/s



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