debug frame-relay events




debug frame-relay events

no debug frame-relay events

Syntax Description:

This command has no arguments or keywords.

Command Description:


To display debugging information about Frame Relay ARP replies on networks that support a multicast

channel and use dynamic addressing, use the debug frame-relay events privileged EXEC command.

The no form of this command disables debugging output.


This command is useful for identifying the cause of end-to-end connection problems during the

installation of a Frame Relay network or node.


Note:  Because the debug frame-relay events command does not generate much output, you can use it at

any time, even during periods of heavy traffic, without adversely affecting other users on the system.


The following is sample output from the debug frame-relay events command:

Router# debug frame-relay events

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 126

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 128

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 134

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 144

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 228

Serial2(i): reply rcvd 325

As the output shows, the debug frame-relay events command returns one specific message type. The

first line, for example, indicates that IP address sent a Frame Relay ARP reply; this packet

was received as input on serial interface 2. The last field (126) is the data-link connection identifier

(DLCI) to use when communicating with the responding router.



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