crypto ca authenticate




crypto ca authenticate name

Syntax Description:

name Specifies the name of the CA. This is the same name used when the CA was declared with the crypto ca identity command.

Command Description:

To authenticate the certification authority (by getting the CA's certificate), use the crypto ca authenticate command in global configuration mode.


In the following example, the router requests the CA's certificate. The CA sends its certificate and the router prompts the administrator to verify the CA's certificate by checking the CA certificate's fingerprint. The CA administrator can also view the CA certificate's fingerprint, so you should compare what the CA administrator sees to what the router displays on the screen. If the fingerprint on the router's screen matches the fingerprint viewed by the CA administrator, you should accept the certificate as valid.

Router(config)#crypto ca authenticate myca 
Certificate has the following attributes:
Fingerprint: 0123 4567 89AB CDEF 0123
Do you accept this certificate? [yes/no] y



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