clear access-list counters





clear access-list counters {access-list-number | access-list-name}


Syntax Description:

access-list-number Access list number of the access list for which to clear the counters.
access-list-name Name of an IP access list. The name cannot contain a space or quotation mark, and must begin with an alphabetic character to avoid ambiguity with numbered access lists.


Command Description:

To clear the counters of an access list, use the clear access-list counters command in EXEC mode.

Some access lists keep counters that count the number of packets that pass each line of an access list. The show access-lists command displays the counters as a number of matches. Use the clear access-list counters command to restart the counters for a particular access list to zero.


The following example clears the counters for access list 101:

Router> clear access-list counters 101



Related Commands:

show access-lists

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