aaa authentication password-prompt




aaa authentication password-prompt text-string

no aaa authentication password-prompt text-string  

Syntax Description:



String of text that will be displayed when the user is prompted to enter a password. If this text-string contains spaces or unusual characters, it must be enclosed in double-quotes (for example, "Enter your password:").

Command Description:

To change the text displayed when users are prompted for a password, use the aaa authentication password-prompt global configuration command. Use the no form of this command to return to the default password prompt text.

Usage Guidelines

Use the aaa authentication password-prompt command to change the default text that the Cisco IOS software displays when prompting a user to enter a password. This command changes the password prompt for the enable password as well as for login passwords that are not supplied by remote security servers. The no form of this command returns the password prompt to the default value:


The aaa authentication password-prompt command does not change any dialog that is supplied by a remote TACACS+ or RADIUS server.


 The following example changes the text for the password prompt:

 Router(config)#aaa authentication password-prompt
  "Enter your password now:"




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